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Coffee and Tea

We don't want to encumber the readers with useless words and that is why this article on coffee and tea is the collection of all the relevant information.
If you are interested in coffee and tea, you must have read a lot of stuff on it but do read the following article. This article is an effort to provide a new angle to coffee and tea. Learning is a continuous process and you can never claim that you everything worth knowing about any topic and we think that you must have realized this when you have started reading this article.

In the beginning we claimed that we were going to present you with an article that would be able to cater to your needs of information about coffee and tea and now when you have read it, do you feel we have kept our words?

Coffee And Tea In Our Lives

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Being interested in any topic means that one tries to have as much information about it as possible and that is why you must be reading this article. Well we have tried to make your task easier by gathering all the relevant information at one place.

Coffee and tea have delighted our palates since we can remember. In all ancient civilizations there have been recording of consuming the magic drink of tea or coffee. Tea is the older of the two since it was first mentioned to be discovered in China, where the belief is that one day a tea leaf fell by mistake in boiling hot water, the Chinese people were so happy with the outcome that even today there are parts where fresh tea leaves are directly introduced in boiling hot water to create the delightful drink called tea.

You are now reading this article. So, don't you feel now that there were so many things that you should have known about coffee and tea and were not known to you?
Coffee was officially discovered in 1600s in Ethiopia and it did not take long before the whole world was enchanted by its taste and aroma.

A Coffee Or Tea A Day
A coffee or tea a day will definitely keep the sleep away. Caffeine, the main ingredient of both tea and coffee invigorates and acts as a stimulant for the brain and therefore the whole body. Most of us (in fact, I don't know anyone who does not drink either coffee or tea) drink coffee or tea first thing in the morning in order to shake the sleep off and be ready for the day. Some of us (like myself) need more than a cup while others will limit themselves to a single cup a day.

There have been many debates whether coffee and tea are good or bad for your body and over the years both options have come up with more than one argument, however, I believe, as long as you drink moderately, nothing fatal will happen.
The body, however, will get used to a certain dose of coffee and it may not react the same way you expect, for example if you are drinking coffee and tea to stay awake, after a while that reaction may take a while to occur as the body gets more or less immune to the caffeine effect.
Others who are over-sensitive to caffeine have a choice, too; both tea and coffee can be found in caffeine-free versions, as well. Therefore, if you want coffee right before you go to bed but don't want your sleep to be affected have a cup of caffeine-free coffee or tea.

Coffee and tea are not vital for our existence but it can make a great difference in our lives. I always say, there is nothing a good cup or coffee or tea cannot fix so, no matter what you're worried about, get a good cup of tea and coffee and they will all look easier to solve. There is truth to this saying, as it is believed that coffee and tea act as a relaxant, as well. Therefore, drink moderately and it can only improve your life.

We have presented all the fundamentals of coffee and tea but if your doubt continues, you should surely and certainly consult some expert.

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