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The Art of Mathematics: Coffee Time in Memphis
Can a Christian escape from a lion? How quickly can a rumor spread? Can you fool an airline into accepting oversize baggage? Recreational mathematics is full of frivolous questions where the mathematician's art can be brought to bear. But play often has a purpose. In mathematics, it can sharpen skills, provide amusement, or simply surprise, and books of problems have been the stock-in-trade of mathematicians for centuries. This collection is designed to be sipped from, rather than consumed in one sitting. The questions range in difficulty: the most challenging offer a glimpse of deep results that engage mathematicians today; even the easiest prompt readers to think about mathematics. All come with solutions, many with hints, and most with illustrations. Whether you are an expert, or a beginner or an amateur mathematician, this book will delight for a lifetime.


A frontier woman's remembrances
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No longer in a jam jam but pork butt is left behind
Orlando Sentinel - She says to check out the Ocoee Publix for these waistline-friendly canned goods. Barefoot Contessa products have been Also, coffee fans need Autocrat coffee syrup. And Elsie would appreciate a source for mascarpone cheese near Tavares. Linda

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