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Coffee With Nonna: The Best Stories of My Catholic Grandmother
During World War II, young Vincent Iezzi was at home with his grandmother in his Philadelphia neighborhood. Because of the war effort, most of the mothers, big sisters, and aunts were working in the factories while most of the fathers, big brothers, and uncles were off at war.

Nonna always knew just what to say. Gifted with a native ability to tell stories, her solution for every one of Vincent's questions or problems was another elaborate story, accompanied by cups of coffee sweetened with war-rationed brown sugar and milk.

And such stories they are! Angels and saints take on peasant charm, God paints peacocks' tails, and the humble good Joe always finishes first. Heroes. Plots. Intrigue. Better than any comic book, for sure.

Pull up a chair. You can almost smell the coffee.

Customer Review: Uplifting Catholic book

This book is a pleasure to read. I've been reading the stories to my 9-year old son, who could read...

Customer Review: A Great book to share.

This book like it's companion is filled with terrific stories of a boy and his grandmother. Although...


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