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Espresso Coffee

Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World
"Pendergrast has served up a rich blend of anecdote, character study, market analysis, and social history...everything you ought to know about coffee is here."
-New York Times

The first comprehensive business and social history of coffee, which describes how coffee has dominated and molded the economies, politics, and social structures of entire countries. Pendergrast's scrupulously researched and lively anecdotal history provides a window through which to view broader themes of modern-day media and marketing, the rise of mass production, colonialism, women's issues, and international commodity schemes.

Customer Review: Facinating history of my favourite drink!

From the early beginnings of coffee's discovery to the maturation of the specialty coffee revolution...

Customer Review: "Let's have another cup of coffee . . . "

Resting next to your mouse or keyboard - at a safe distance! - your cuppa steams aromatically. The ...


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