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Milk in My Coffee

Milk in My Coffee Milk in My Coffee is the book that stirred up controversy and got readers talking...and laughing...and passionately debating...about Eric Jerome Dickey's bold portrait of racial identity and subtle understanding of sexual intimacy. It's the book that made Dickey a New York Times bestselling author and is the third in a string of consecutive #1 Blackboard bestsellers. Jordan Greene was in culture shock when he arrived in Manhattan from his Tennessee hometown. It seemed like rush hour lasted twenty-four hours a day -- but he managed to keep the pace and stay in the race, with a Wall Street job, a Queens apartment, and a very sexy girlfriend named J'nette. But when Jordan meets Kimberly Chavers, what really starts racing is his heart. This girl is funny, feisty, fine . . . and white. And for a man with Malcolm X's picture hanging on his office wall, that's a definite problem. . . .

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