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Opening a Specialty Coffee Drive-Thru Second Edition

Opening a Specialty Coffee Drive-Thru Second Edition New ! Second Edition 2005! Finally, valuable information about opening and operating a coffee drive-thru. This concept-specific supplement to Bean Business Basics covers aspects of concept planning, location selection, drive-thru construction, bureaucratic considerations, and day-to-day operations. Includes estimated start-up costs. Opening a Specialty Coffee Drive-thru is of most value when read in conjunction with Bean Business Basics, Bellissimo's 670-page definitive how-to manual for opening and operating any type of retail coffee business. Like all other Bellissimo publications, Opening a Specialty Coffee Drive-Thru is teeming with valuable business insight. Ed Arvidson has put together a thorough reference guide that asks all the right questions and provides the answers. Karen Foley, KRF Creative In a maturing specialty coffee market, the days of opening a retail operation on a lark are over. Success belongs to those whose passion for quality coffee is matched by solid business practices. Ed Arvidson and Bellissimo long ago established a reputation for helping their clients with both. In this new book, Arvidson breaks down a deceptively simple conceptthe drive-thru coffeeto its essential business elements, providing a detailed start-up guide for a market niche that remains relatively untapped in many areas. Mike Ferguson, Communications Director, Specialty Coffee Association of America Anyone considering a coffee drive-thru would be foolish not to perceive the value of this text. This resource should be carefully studied and used during each step of the process. No other resource will deliver the unbiased facts contained within these pages. Bruce Milletto, President, Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup A long overdue publication for the industry, and an absolute must-read for anyone even remotely thinking about opening a drive-thru. I highly recommend it. Sue Gillerlain, Former Editor, Specialty Coffee Retailer Magazine

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