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Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and the Brain (Nutrition, Brain, and Behavior)

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and the Brain analyzes current research findings on caffeine compounds and their interaction with the brain and central nervous system. The book discusses the effects of coffee, tea, and chocolate on memory, cognitive performance, Parkinson's disease, stroke, oxidative stress, headache and sleep disorders, addiction dependence, and more. It also explores the relationships between caffeine and seizures, blood flow, alertness, and cravings. With contributions from world experts in this field, this reference will be of great interest to all students and researchers of nutrition, psychology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and other health related sciences.


Nybot coffee close lower - Commodity Online

Nybot coffee close lower
Commodity Online, India - Aug 31, 2007
Cash trade in Colombia was termed modest this week, amid concerns that recent heavy rains in coffee regions would delay the ripening of the main 2007-08 ...

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