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Too Much Coffee Man: Guide for the Perplexed
Too Much Coffee Man is not so much about coffee as it is about life and figuring things out; there`s a lot of free-thinking, bad puns, slapstick humor, and nickel philosophy. This unique collection features three, eight-page stories, a 32-page DHP story, the notorious seven-page, bullet-hole story, at least 65 individual, one-page strips, and an introduction by Beavis and Butthead creator, Mike Judge. Available in both softcover and limited-edition hardcover collections, both fully caffeinated!

Customer Review: How Fun!

My older son picked up a copy of this graphic novel at a library book sale. It's been languishing ar...

Customer Review: Good To The Last Drop.

A great read. I couldn't put it down, even when confronted by wild children and an irate spouse. T...


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