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Specialty Coffee

Java Juice is a portable cup of gourmet coffee. Nothing but 100% premium coffee extract, straight from the bean. Looks too easy, but just add water! No additives or preservatives. Just pure coffee essence. Java Juice is triple strength. And because you add the water, you control the strength. So play around with it and tailor it to your taste. How Do I Make Coffee with Java Juice? Pour your heated water, (filtered is best) into a cup, travel mug or thermos. Add contents of Java Juice packet and stir. If you like cream, soymilk or sweetener, add it! Seven packets of Java Juice in ½ gallon of hot water will make 12 strong cups. Perfect for meetings, outdoor adventures, and dinner parties or stay-at- home convenience. We drink a lot of coffee made with Java Juice, so trust us. To make sure your hot drink tastes fantastic, heat your liquid before adding Java Juice. When do I use Java Juice coffee extract? When you don't have time to do the whole-bean thing. When you can't brew with your usual coffee maker. When you need great coffee, right now. Java Juice goes with you. On the road, in a hotel, or on a distant mountaintop. Anytime, anywhere. You can't always locate fresh coffee, but you can always find hot water! Priced per pack!


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