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Jetboil PCS with coffee press accessory
On the trail, on the water, on the road Jetboil is the first in a revolutionary new line of Personal Cooking Systems that offer a fast and simple solution to cooking in the outdoors. Whether youre backpacking, climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, boating, hunting, fishing, adventure racing, or involved in rescue work, Jetboil is the best way to provide hot, satisfying nourishment on the go. Integrating burner and cookware, Jetboils design relies on a fast and efficient proprietary heat transfer system. Gone are the days of tippy stoves, clunky campware sets, and choking down gorp for days on end. This light, compact, and expandable system allows you to quickly adapt to the situation whether youre going solo or with five of your friends. Cook what you want. When you want. Where you want. Benefits: Convenient Jetboil includes all the elements required for outdoor cooking in a single unit. Burner and cooking cup are integrated into a single package. Assembly and priming are not required. Fast FluxRing technology makes Jetboil a faster boiler than competing stoves. This speed, coupled with minimal setup, makes it the quickest way to get hot food into your stomach. Fuel Efficient FluxRing yields fuel efficiencies of over 80%, compared with the 30-40% typical of standard stoves and cookware. Bottom line: weight and money savings because a canister of fuel boils twice the volume of water. A single 100-gram Jetpower canister boils 12 liters of water. Light and

Customer Review: Wow, this is great.

I love this system. Its great for boiling water, soup, stew, coffee or anything you don't have to fr...


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