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Coffee Beverage

Standard Coffee Cup Holder (Vertical)
Introducing a beautifully handcrafted Coffee Cup Holder!

This uniquely four peg coffee cup holder is a great addition to any kitchen. Its made of Domestic Red Oak which is stained with a golden maple finish to add warmth to any type of decor. Imagine getting up and heading over to your coffee machine and having the convenience of your favorite coffee cups hanging right there above your head. Pure delight!

These coffee cup holders are available for a limited time only. One of a kind product that cant be found at any retail store.
24" long
1 1/2" wide
Material is 1/2" thick
Made in the USA.
Kirk Rogers Invention.
(Coffee Cups not included)


World on a Plate: Thai (+recipe) - New Zealand Herald

World on a Plate: Thai (+recipe)
New Zealand Herald
When it begins to pop, transfer the rice to a coffee grinder or pestle and mortar. Grind down to a coarse powder. 2 Place the ground pork in heated pan and ...

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