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Anyone Can Do It: Building Coffee Republic from Our Kitchen Table 57- Real Life Laws on Entrepreneurship
Anyone Can Do It chronicles the start and evolution of a successful business dream. Beginning with the Hashemi siblings' first conversations (when the seed of the idea was planted) it follows the progress of Coffee Republic from business plan to the present day. Coffee Republic is now worth around £50m with 90 outlets around the UK.

This is a start-up business book for real people. Sahar and Bobby take the reader step by step through every aspect of starting and growing a business from asking 'why?' and writing the plan to hiring staff and letting go. The book is illustrated throughout with inspirational anecdotes from their own experience. It is a very personal story of dreaming, acting and succeeding offering a myriad of lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and blowing apart the myth that only 'special' people start successful businesses.

Customer Review: You can too!

Witty, honest, inspiring and easy to read, this book will motivate wanna be and current entrepreneur...

Customer Review: Feel the experience of setting up your own business,

Very Nice book about feeling the experience of setting up your own business. The Chapters in the boo...


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