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Specialty Coffee

Coffee And Kung Fu
Twenty-six-year-old Nicci Bradford doesn't exactly love her job fixing the grammar in company brochures, or living in Boston, or going on awkward fix-ups with men she barely knows. What she does love is Kung Fu movies...especially the ones starring Jackie Chan. Their timeless and inspired wisdom offers her a philosophy of life. The problem is she doesn't have much of a life to philosophize about. But Jackie Chan is also a pretty good action hero. And when opportunity-and risk-present themselves in unexpected ways, it's up to Nicci to follow her hero's example, focus on her goal, and strike...

Customer Review: Coffee & Kung Fu

Light read, the main character can really get on your nerves, she just needs to get over herself.

Customer Review: Made me feel broody and cranky

Don't be fooled by the fancy-pants pink cover with the kitschy coffee cup on the front - C&KF is no ...


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