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The Global Coffee Economy in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, 15001989
Coffee beans grown in Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, or one of the other hundred producing lands on five continents remain a palpable and long-standing manifestation of globalization. For five hundred years coffee has been grown in tropical countries for consumption in temperate regions. This volume brings together scholars from nine countries who study coffee markets and societies over the last five centuries in fourteen countries on four continents and across the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with a special emphasis on the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The chapters analyse the creation and function of commodity, labour, and financial markets; the role of race, ethnicity, gender, and class in the formation of coffee societies; the interaction between technology and ecology; and the impact of colonial powers, nationalist regimes, and the forces of the world economy in the forging of economic development and political democracy.


Coffee shop: a new project for the deaf is launched - World Coffee News

World Coffee News

Coffee shop: a new project for the deaf is launched
World Coffee News
As well as selling gourmet coffee, the shop also has a selection of cakes and pastries. The project is owned by Allen Teh, who has more than 25 years' experience in working with the deaf. He has been quoted as stating that the new coffee house, ...

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