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How To Be Happy (Too Much Coffee Man)
Too Much Coffee Man has been percolating in the comics underground for years now, and like everything else that was once "alternative," he's sold out, been used by the man (as an advertising tool for Hewlitt Packard and Converse, among others), and is now middle-aged, depressed, broke, and cynical. Who better to write a book, then, called How to be Happy? Combining his signature formula of hilarious art, absurd but insightful observations, and bold humor, with his quickly deteriorating hope for humanity, Wheeler has crafted a comics collection custom made for the disaffected and disenfranchised.

Customer Review: Shannon, What gives?

No personal review? No encouragement? 98% of the people who looked at this book bought the Complete...


Jeff Vrabel: Batman is alive and well and living in Slovakia
a land that my great-grandfather Andras (Slovak for "gruff callous-handed butcher who traveled to America in steerage on a future World War I destroyer so his great-grandson could make fun of former countrymen while drinking flavored coffee that has

Irish cream cake balls recipe
Cook's Notes-to make this recipe kid friendly, replace 2 ounces of the water needed to bake your cake with the liqueur. The alcohol will bake out of the cake while it is in the oven. You can also swap the liqueur out for Irish cream flavored coffee creamer.

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