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Flavored Coffee

Coffee-Time Quilts: Super Projects, Sweet Recipes
Rich cappuccinos and espressos, creamy lattes and mochas--America's love affair with coffee is hot!

In this impeccably brewed, full-bodied collection of quilts and recipes, you'll find the perfect project for your discerning taste.

� Choose from a dozen projects, with chapters celebrating "Robust Roasts," "Java Jolts," and "Decaffeinated Delights"

� Projects range in style from rich, dark quilts to bright, bold designs and romantic quilts

� Recipes for indulgent baked goods--perfect to pair with coffee--are sprinkled throughout

Customer Review: Delightful and comforting book

What an excellant book. This book is one of those books that you can sit down to glance through wit...


Fancy a cup of coffee? - Khaleej Times

Fancy a cup of coffee?
Khaleej Times
I've seen it so many times and I still simply don't get it— it requires so much manpower and work,” he says, describing his visits to Colombian coffee plantations. He points out that it takes 2500 individually picked cherries, each of which contains ...

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