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Coffee Table Design

Huntington Coffee Table
Huntington Coffee Table. The warmth of natural teak enhances state-of-the-art design in this decidedly contemporary collection. Steel mesh with a rust-resistant finish provides a stable, water-shedding surface on the tabletop. The metal's bronze-toned powder coat is impervious to sun and moisture, and will retain its original finish through years of outdoor use. Lending a natural touch, the teak frame underscores the collection's weather hardiness. Assembly required. 39" L, 23" W, 16" H.


Syria likely to overshadow agenda as EU leaders gather in Russia with Putin
• A daily summary of global reports on security issues. Russia and Syria remain strong allies and Western officials have accused Russia of selling arms and providing support to the embattled regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Mr. Putin has denied these claims, but his nation has also

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