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Gourmet Coffee

Award Winning Farm-Roasted 100% Kona Coffee, Medium Roast, Whole Bean 1LB
For years, visitors to Hawaii have been bringing a taste of Hawaii home with them in the form of 100% Kona coffee. Now you can have it shipped direct to you from Kona.

The unique environment of the tiny Kona Coffee Belt, only about 2 miles by 15 miles, creates the ideal growing conditions for premium quality coffee beans. Coffee trees flourish on the Konas volcanic slopes under warm morning sunshine and afternoon cloud cover. Individually hand-picking the coffee cherries at the peak of ripenes, our coffee is processed and then sun-dried to bring out its characteristic flavor.

The final step is micro-roasting at the farm in small batches, helping to ensure the freshness of each and every bag of Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona coffee.

Customer Review: "the emperor has no clothes"

I must have gotten a bad batch of this coffee; or it was too old or the medium roast didn't meld wit...

Customer Review: superb kona

always excellent cost effective (for kona) and they ship it out pronto-rarely over three days to...


Hollywood Looks At Pivotal Moment In Postwar Japan - TIME


Hollywood Looks At Pivotal Moment In Postwar Japan
(The ads are for canned coffee, by the way.) The movie also has a sub-plot featuring a handsome American officer searching for his long-lost Japanese girlfriend. You can guess where that one fits on the historical accuracy charts, but it helps take the ...

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