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Specialty Coffee

HALF BAKED GOODS IS OFFERING A FREE GRINDER CLEANER BRUSH! 2.5" Inch 4 PC Magnetic Aluminum Pill Coffee Herb GRINDER w/Pollen Catcher. Space Case Quality! SAME DAY SHIPPING!
This is for a BRAND NEW four stage, magnetic, aluminum, 2.5" inch grinder. Grinders do away with the old fashioned obsolete way of breaking up herbs and tobacco. Instead of taking minutes, this grinder will make the process only take a couple seconds! Our products are so successful that there are many sellers trying to imitate our listings with inferior products at higher prices. Purchase your item with us, because only our goods are Half Baked Goods! You can use this to grind pills, coffee, herbs, and other spices. This is by far the best selling grinder available on the market because of its size and awesome quality. It is made of extremely durable, and strong aircraft grade aluminum for quality and to maintain its light weight. This is a FOUR STAGE grinder which means it has four different chambers. This awesome grinder has THIRTY-ONE DIAMOND CUT RAZOR SHARP teeth to grind with great efficiency and ease. This grinder also does a spectacular job at catching and storing pollen in its fourth chamber. The grinders measurements are 2.50" Wide x 1.75" High. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GRINDERS CURRENTLY BEING SOLD ON AMAZON! You will really love how this grinders feels in your hands because it grinds with such ease, and feels extremely smooth. This grinder can even be a great gift for a friend or anyone else close to you who can get a lot of use from it!

Customer Review: good grinder

this grinder works well on any "herb" you have. it is smaller than you might think so it won't grind...

Customer Review: excellent

buy it, its very high quality, turns any herb into perfect smoking material, and its small and compa...


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