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Coffee Cup

FabJob Guide to Become a Coffee House Owner (FabJob Guides)
By owning your own coffee house, you become part of a rich culture. A café is a place where people may meet to discuss politics, poetry, romance or rebellion. In our culture, coffee is accepted as social, affluent, and downright hip. In this guide you will discover:

� Your options for buying an existing coffee house, franchising, or opening a new coffee house
� How to build a coffee house (including how to find the right location and avoid costly mistakes)
� How to save money on equipment for your café
� How to market your business to attract customers
� Financing your business and managing money

If you would like to start your own coffee house, this FabJob guide is for you! It shows what you need to know to become a successful coffee house owner.

Customer Review: Fantastic resource.

You can get all the answers you need to get started in this business within this book. It is a great...


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