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Colombian Coffee

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Colombia is a leading coffee manufacturing country, which is well known for the robust, aromatic and well-balanced coffee qualities. The main reason for the success of its coffee flavors are attributed to the regions in which the coffee is grown in Colombia and that is at high altitudes under the care and shade of rubber and banana tress which have their say in the aromas of the coffee.

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The main coffee growing regions of Colombia are Medellin, Armenia and Manizales, which are also known as MAM to most coffee connoisseurs. The soil here is well drained and rich, has the right amount of sun and is well shaded by banana and rubber plantations.

Colombian Coffee Goes Around The World
The coffee plant is believed to have arrived in Colombia around the 1600s and was ready for being exported to the outside world around 1800s. More precisely Colombia made its first export to US in 1835 of approximately 2500 bags of coffee.

The word, aroma and taste quickly spread around and by 1875, 170,000 bags of coffee were being exported all over the world. Today Colombia registers approximately 10 million bags of coffee in export alone. These numbers speak for themselves with regard to the quality of the Colombian coffee. These numbers easily puts Colombian as one of the leading countries to export the magic beans.

Drinking A Cup Of Colombian Coffee
We all have own very own specific way of enjoying a cup of coffee and most of us don't really appreciate the advice however, Colombian coffee has extraordinary aromas, which may be lost if not drank the right way.

Therefore, to enjoy a cup of Colombian coffee at its fullest, ground it fresh and brew it in a traditional coffee maker or if possible use an espresso machine. The aromas will fill the whole house or place where you are brewing it leaving even non-coffee drinkers wishing for a cup.
I normally enjoy my coffee black in order to enjoy the flavors and feel the power of the beans but of course some cream and milk will only add more taste for others.

Helpful Tips
Colombian coffee is well balanced but strong, so be aware of these facts especially if you drink it black like myself. Try a small cup of coffee first to see if that is really good according to your taste because no matter how the world rates it, a cup of coffee is as good as each one of us likes it individually.

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