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Dual Coffee Maker

If you want to get information about dual coffee maker, do go on reading this article. We have tried to gather all the relevant information for you.
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The Dual Personality Of The Dual Coffee Maker

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So your friend calls you and says she just picked up a dual coffee maker. She sounds excited and you congratulate her and gush happily without any idea of what she's talking about. The truth is that dual coffee maker describes more than one type of coffee maker but they are both something to gush about.
Now when you are reading this article on dual coffee maker, you should judge whether our effort in providing you with quality information and content has been successful or not.

One Maker - Two Servings
One type of dual coffee maker contains a compartment to brew the coffee and two spouts to serve it. The coffee maker can serve into cups, pots or carafes depending on the model. The cups, pots or carafes can be thermal or more traditional. For instance, a dual coffee maker with two thermal cups allows you to fill two big cups of coffee at once so you and your travel mate can each have a cup without waiting for the coffee maker to fill one after the other. No longer will there need to be a first and a person waiting to be second. There will only be two people with first cups of fresh-brewed coffee ready to go.

The savings in fill time is even greater when we're talking about carafes or pots. And with thermal carafes, you can quickly make and fill two big carafes for a card game, discussion group or backyard party and not have to worry about keeping the coffee warm. For a big, coffee-drinking group, you have two carafes-full of fresh coffee brewing while your guests dive into the first two.

Two Makers - Two Servings
The other type of dual coffee maker has two separate brewers side by side with room for the same assortment of cups, pots and carafes. This allows the brewing of two different types of coffee at the same time. For instance, you can brew a pot of regular coffee and a pot of decaffeinated at once. There's the sign of the perfect hostess.

The difference in the thermal and normal cups and carafes allows you to choose how to use the coffee you will make. Thermal cups and carafes keep the coffee warm without having it sit in a pot on a warming element getting stale. The thermal servers keep the heat in and the air out, making them portable.
The various types of dual coffee maker come in a wide variety of designs and colors including really techno style stainless steel machines.

This discussion could go on and on but we have to end this discussion here because of constraint of space. We have tried to discuss the important ones here.

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