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Is It a Date or Just Coffee?: The Gay Girl's Guide to Dating, Sex, and Romance

What are the ten telltale signs that date #2 will take place in hell? Is it better to bounce than to break? How do you navigate the squiggly line between ex-lover and now friends? Is it a date or just coffee? For women struggling to understand the nongirlfriend-girlfriend's refusal to bear any semblance to sanity, logic, or good manners, this nuts-and-bolts guide is the answer. Understanding that love involves equal parts romance, lust, and neuroses, Mo Brownsey will guide you through the mysteries of amour, whether by helping you figure out what is wrong with the people you have been dating, helping you find people you should be dating, showing you how to craft a personal ad designed to entice babes but repel psyche-sucking wackos, or describing ten surefire ways to avoid Lesbian Bed Death. Equally wise and witty, Is It a Date or Just Coffee? will have you navigating the minefield of romance (including the horrors of Internet dating) as if you were soldier of passion. Whether you are single, dating, married, or not sure which, this is the book for you!

Marketing Plan:
National Advertising: The Advocate, Girlfriends, Curve
Author Events in San Francisco, Los Angeles
Special pitch to lesbian radio shows

Maureen (Mo) Brownsey is a writer, filmmaker, college professor, and stand-up comic whose humor on the page, stage, and screen, has been described as a cross between Gertrude Stein and Midge, Barbie's friend-the one with personality. She lives in San Francisco and plans on taking a long nap in the year 2015.

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First of all, I would just like to say that the REAL cover of this book is much more appealing. Soft...


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